Jesus: A Monday Speculative Profile

“Guys! Guys, GUYS

A chorus of what’s, huh’s, and vaguely interested sounds picks up in response.

Joshua is thrilled about something. He’s beaming from ear to ear, his eyes lighting up against his brown skin.

“The prophets were the shit. Those guys, they just really knew what was up. Preaching truth to power and all that. A true inspiration.”

We all muttered affirmatively. John started to “well, actually…” but the rest of us realized that Joshua was about to be up to something. And one always wanted to know what precisely Josh was on about since he never seemed to really make sense. Speaking in riddles.

“They were talking about us. I mean, me, but all of us. We’re all involved in these prophecies, from the beginning.”

Joshua would get like this sometimes. Just wildly animated about scripture. He hungered for it. He thirsted for it. He lived and breathed scripture. We figured that was why he sometimes said things that the rest of us just didn’t quite get.

We all dug into the sections that Joshua was looking at, but couldn’t quite make sense of them.

“Joshua, we get it. You’re incredible and blessed beyond measure, some holy treasure sent down to grace our presence,” I said somewhat snarkily, ribbing him.

“Conor, beware the leaven of podcasters and CES instructors.”

“Josh, is this about the bread I forgot the other day because, I swear, it won’t happen again.”

“The Son of Man will be delivered into the hands of men, but will rise again the third day.”

“Hey, Joshua, is this a red pill, blue pill situation because I think I need to go down the rabbit hole to get any sort of sense out of whatever the hell you’re saying…”

Joshua wasn’t listening, He was just doodling in his notebook. He was like that. He’d drop this wild, impractical ideas and then just zone out. Like everything was clear and simple and you just had to feel it out and you’d arrive at the truth too,.

I often feel confused around Josh. I feel something deep and beyond myself, but I’m not sure what it is or what to do about it.

Joshua is a puzzle. An enigma.

“Hey, guys, come follow me!”

Joshua was up and out of there, leading us on the next grand adventure. I still wasn’t clear on what the first one or two or adventures we’d all gone on together were all about, but something about his riddles keeps me going.

To riddles, weird happenings, and gusto for the scriptures. That’s what kept me coming back, I think.

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